At SŌLANA, we believe that sustainability is sexy.

Our core value when creating this brand was to remain as ethical and sustainable as possible. Mother Nature does not need any more strain! 

All of your garments are handmade by artisan sewers and creators working in family owned businesses run by women here in Bali, Indonesia. Our creators are treated fairly, and work in happy and safe environments to make your items in small batches. We personally know who makes your clothes and love building a relationship with the people who make our visions come to life! 

Bali has given us so much and we are happy to be able to support local artisans.

Buy what you believe in.

This is not fast fashion. Our prices reflect the work that goes into each piece to ensure that it was created in ethical and sustainable conditions.

We believe that fashion shouldn’t come at the cost of mother nature. In fact, our whole label is inspired by vintage feels and mother nature herself!

Our Part

“It doesn’t take one person to eliminate plastic completely, it takes millions to eliminate daily”

All our items are packaged and delivered in biodegradable, plastic free packaging as well as reusable tote bags. We continue to practice waste-free packaging and production and choose our fabrics carefully. 


All of our swimwear is created using sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics. We proudly use ECONYL® fabric made with 100% regenerated Nylon. ECONYL®  collects waste and discarded fishing nets from the ocean/landfills and gives them a second life. How does it work?



Billions of plastic bottles are discarded every year. We also proudly use REPREVE® fabric made from recycled plastic bottles to create our swimwear. The company has recycled over 25 billion plastic bottles to date and continues to make a difference with their initiatives. 

We aren’t perfect but will always hold sustainability at our core values. We are proud to provide you with high quality garments while reducing the harm done to our planet and our oceans.

Thank you for choosing slow fashion.