Inspired by vintage fits and Mother Nature, SŌLANA is about embodying all that you are and being unapologetically you. 

SŌLANA was originally created with the idea of merging the world of healing crystals and swimwear. Crystals charge in the sun and in the water - why not wear them with you when you’re charging up in your favourite suit? SŌLANA is about embracing nature, embodying all that you are, while allowing your sexiness and feminine side to shine through.

I felt that the world of sexiness and “boujeeness” hasn’t yet met the world of healing, crystals and spirituality. I feel like I was always somewhere in between the two. I wanted to blend the worlds together and really get out the message that you can be both. I created this brand for the girls who feel a bit of everything and don’t necessarily fit a certain box. 

I was always fascinated by the world of vintage clothing. Nothing quite excited me while shopping like finding that one item in a thrift store did. I always struggled to find outfits that fit like items vintage finds did. Not to mention the quality was always better in the past. That feeling you get when you score that one item at a thrift shop? That’s how I want people to feel when they put on SŌLANA. We create unique and one of a kind pieces you can feel groovy in and be excited about. 

SŌLANA means the sunny side of a mountain or valley. I felt that this was relevant because as humans we are naturally always looking for the sunny side of life, the light at the end of the tunnel, the brightness to fuel our souls. I found my sunshine and clarity in Bali. Naturally, I got to creating and here we are. 

Made under the Bali sun with love, meet SŌLANA.